A Short Trip: Dduk-do Fish Market



Hello World,

I’m still on a rollercoaster: up and down the streets of Seoul!

I’m enojying ever bit of it (except the food, I will discuss that on a different day).IMG_2045

Today, we visited the Dduk-do Fish Market. I was surprised to see that there were other items besides fish. You know, it just doesn’t seem like a place you can buy clothes.


There was also fruit and vegetables; it was almost a U.S. style farmer’s market with the clothing being an exception.

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There seems to be many markets that store food outside. But I was told by my supervisor that this kind of traditional market is protected by the Seongdong-Gu government. Surprisingly, it needs to be protected because there are many E-marts (equivalent to Wal-Mart in the U.S.) taking over the smaller “mom and pop” markets.

This was just a short visit, so enjoy some of the photos!

Until next time!








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