Handmade Shoes in Seong-Su




Hello World,

Have you ever witnessed the shoes you wear being created infront of you?

Me either, but this was pretty close.


Most of the time, when someone buys shoes, they buy them because they are pretty and think nothing else of it. Today, I was able to witness the process of shoemaking at Seong-su Shoes Street.


It was interesting to find out that Korea is number one for handmade shoes (there is a whole street of them). I was able to meet a “Master Shoemaker” who has been making shoes for over 30 years! He also told me that he can make a pair of shoes in one hour, and that he can make 15 pairs in one day!

UHH, can you sign me up please?

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What does this cost? The students must get into the school, and then there is no fee to take the classes. The only cost is for the materials to make the shoes; the students must buy their own materials. I was surprised to know that his students are learning how to make handmade shoes for free.

To make a pair of shoes it cost around $40 and they sell for $100 and over.

I witnessed some pricy and fascinating shoes in the Seong-su café.


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After that, we all took a walk along the shoe street that housed handmade shoe stores. Angie Bae Shoes is a colorful pink shop; it was all women operated and had many stylish heels. If I had the money, I would have purchased a pair.

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The shoe store visit has me interested in making my own shoes!

Why not?


Until next time.


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  1. That was cool! I thought that trade had been taken over by factories and fancy machines. It’s nice to see the old way of making shoes still exist, very talented.


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