Sa-geun-dong Community Center

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One of the many great things that I have noticed about Seongdong in Seoul, South Korea, is that it’s very community friendly. From the free health checks, to the free museums, the district is very much about helping its citizens. There are 17 multifunctional community centers in the Seongdong District. I visited Sa-geun-dong and learned about what these community centers offer its residents.


New residents of  Sa-geun-dong and those who wish to obtain an ID must come to the center.


Additionally, there is a children’s library, gym and sauna room (costing a small fee) available for use. Welfare is also handled at the center.

IMG_2202 - 복사본

Something very interesting was the help that they provide for the sick and the elderly. Free care for the sick; the government pays for 85 percent of the stay for the elderly.

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They also provide a day care for the elderly. Instead of housing them in a retirement home, they offer a day care service: while family members are at work, the elderly can enjoy yoga, art, get a haircut, play games, and get out of the house to mingle with other people.


The value systems and the relationships that South Korea provides for its people are truly amazing to see. Caring about the wellbeing of others seems to be a priority for the country.


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