Living the dream at the DokSeoDang Liberal Arts Center

Hello World,

I had a very fulfilling experience at the DokSeoDang Liberal Arts Center.


One of my goals is to become a media host. I felt honored when was asked to serve as one of the reporters and to inform viewers of the Seongdong news about the newly built facility.


The facility officially opened June 30, 2017. However, parts of the building are still under construction.

There are two floors in the education center.

The first floor will be used for unspecified activities, guest speakers, and serve as a lounge for the students to enjoy; books will be available for use and coffee will be available for purchase.


The second floor will be for the Global Learning Experience Center.

Read The Global Learning Center).

20157864_1600034716693498_3036362174165881666_oAt the center, young students will be able to learn about different languages and different cultures. Languages to be offered are Spanish, English, and Chinese.

Additionally, I was asked to help teach another English class to an older group of students.

We picked back up on our previous discussion, and Marlie and I taught the students new vocabulary, as well as tested the students spelling on family, hobbies, food, and personality traits.

They were so grateful, we even received a gift from one of the students.


This experience has made me realize that I have chosen the right path by choosing the Integrated Global Communication program.


I know that I am meant to be in front of people: speaking, informing, inspiring, motivating, discussing, teaching, performing, and/or giving presentations because I am fulfilled. I feel like it is my purpose to help others.




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